December 19, 2016

Over It

Yes, I'm about to bitch about Facebook rather than just stop getting on Facebook. My blog, my rules. Plus, I need material and that news feed is brimming with what I need.

No, I will not upload the fifth or eleventh or ninth photo in my phone to amuse you. First of all, chances are, that photo in my phone isn't Facebook appropriate and second, do you really think everyone picks that specific photo? Hint, people are liars. They scroll until they find a photo that makes them seem unbelievably interesting because it's Facebook and that's what we do there. Duh.

If I could ban Live videos, I would. Why? Well, I'm an asshole. I legitimately think status updates keep me entirely too involved in the lives of people I barely know anyway. Let's not push it.

Those intriguing articles that link to roughly three paragraphs spread over nineteen pages that have roughly twelve ads for every word written? Fuuuuuuuck you! Yet I keep clicking 'next page' because by then I'm invested and must. finish. the. article. Articles that in most cases, I could write better, I might add. Just sayin'.

Grammar. Sweet Mother Mary, stop fucking up simple shit. There's a difference in meaning between your and you're. There and their and they're. To and too. In to and into. Past and passed. I mean come on, y'all, we learned this in the 3rd grade and even if you glassed over that whole year, there have been enough of those memes blasting dumb grammar mistakes for you to have a good excuse. Note, if you find a grammar mistake in this post, keep it to yourself. We'll get along better that way.  

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