February 29, 2016

Out of the Ashes Rises the Phoenix

I told y'all about falling ass over ears into this gig as librarian at an elementary school. We'll, they haven't caught on that I'm about the last person who should be shaping young minds so I'm still at it. 

Pretty sweet deal, actually. I mean I get snow days and summers off and I can spend 5 hours on Goodreads and technically it's work-related internet browsing. The downfall lies in the ridiculously low pay and complete and total waste of the degree I actually hold. Yin and yang, I suppose. 

One good thing I am getting out of this job is blog fodder. (Do you now see the significance of the title of this post? Good) These kids, man, they're terrible! And amazing. Some are funny and sweet and some are future serial killers. It's not really my job to sort that shit out. But the hilarity that comes out of their mouths sometimes, my god, it deserves it's own blog tag. 

In the Library

A kid brings a book to be checked out but it's a full Spanish book. 

Me - This is a Spanish book. Can you read Spanish?

Kid - Yes

Me - Open it and read it to me.

Kid - Okay, I can't read Spanish but I can read Chinese.

Me - Well we don't have any Chinese books so go pick an English one, okay?

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