March 2, 2016

Nugget of Wisdom

If you have a 100+ year old house and you have a slow drain that you think probably just needs snaked, do not have it snaked. 

Here's why; the snake will go right thru the 100+ year old pipe and send water and God only knows what else plummeting into the abyss that just might be the ceiling of your kitchen and dining room rendering your home unlivable and sending you, your perfectionist/order loving fiance, two stinky little boys and one 105lb black lab who farts like a human into a hotel across the river for three weeks while the damage from that simple "snake job" is repaired by systematically disassembling the walls and ceiling of a quarter of your house thereby revealing even more 100+ year old materials that are either not up to current code or disintegrating leading to a massive homeowner's insurance claim to the tune of 18K. 

That's just a possibility you should be aware of. Now call that plumber at your own risk.

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