June 4, 2012

Rules for Dealing with Psych Patients

#1. Don't cancel appointments when the patient is out of meds. That one could have gone terribly wrong for you.

#2. Don't schedule appointments for a specific time and then let them sit in the waiting room to watch the other patients and pray to God that they are the relatively sane patient for NINETY MINUTES!!!

#3. After you have made your patient wait for NINETY MINUTES do not, DO. NOT. come and ask them if they are ready yet. I'm pretty sure that shit'll get you killed by a less sane patient.

#4. If you don't remember shit else about patient beyond diagnosis and medication, don't bother pretending that you do. I'm only there for a refill and you're making yourself look like a douche bag.

#5. Warn office staff not to get bitchy. Your tardiness may not be their fault but we're crazy and we will take it out on them anyway.
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