June 17, 2012

Pinterest Means Different Things To Different People

Pinterest inspires most people to organize the junk drawer, whip up hors d'oeuvres out of leftovers and braid their hair so it looks like a dragonfly. They make boards like "Saturdays with Little Susie", "Family Outings", and "Motivational Quotes". Pinterest is where some people get spiritual guidance in the form of bible versus in pretty font. A lot of people utilize Pinterest to visually say Look, I am a well adjusted, creative, compassionate person

It's a little different for me. Pinterest makes me want to tattoo my favorite quote among tribal markings down my rib cage. Pinterest makes it seem like a good idea to pixie cut my hair and dye it platinum blond. Pinterest is why I want to paint I'm Not Your Fucking Maid, Get It Your Damn Self on the wall of my kitchen. Pinterest has given me some fabulous ideas as to what I want to pierce next. Pinterest showed me that Fifty Shades of Grey is nowhere near the kinkiest shit out there. Pinterest is where I visually say What you know about me is just the tip of my crazy.

Some people have 693 pins of Some E Cards, including the unfunny ones. I only pin the ones with profanity. Some people use that comment feature to explain in excruciating detail why they pinned each photo. My comment boxes all say X. Some people have it set to where every single thing they pin posts to their Facebook Timeline. I live in fear that the BDSM image I just pinned will go on my timeline and Aidan's teacher will "like" it.

See? It's different for everyone.
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