May 27, 2012

Grocery List

When I was in college three things were always on the list for the grocery, which is to say they were never on the list because it was a given that I needed them; pretzels, white minute rice - Uncle Ben's only, and soy sauce.
I was a simple girl. Also, broke.

Now the things that are always on the list these days are drastically different.

Coke - because my husband has a problem.
Bacon - there is not enough bacon in this universe to satisfy these carnivores I live with.
Fruit snacks - not for who you might expect them to be for. Their father!
Veggie straws - all for me, I do not share them. Ever.
Socks - the boys are clinging to their Arkansas heritage not by going barefoot outside but in socks.

I miss the simple days of pretzels for breakfast and rice with soy sauce for lunch and dinner...


Anonymous said...

Bacon. ALWAYS.

Just meat in general. The serious carnivore must be a Boy thing.

But my list always includes baking stuff. Flour. Sugar. Powedered sugar. Brown Sugar. Crisco.

I just went to Sams Club today and bought 2 - 4 lb 8 oz bags of chocolate chips. Boy did the cashier give me a LOOK!

Unknown said...

SOOO glad my youngest isn't the only one to run around outside in socks. We live in Kentucky for God's sake - what's the matter with barefoot? I've threatened to start making him buy his own socks. Drives me freakin' NUTS!

Anonymous said...

My kids did the whole sock thing outside too and then I bought them black socks - so uncool. - They stopped wearing socks outside. I eventually bought them white again. :) And just for the record, fruit snacks are gross! So happy you're posting!

Ordie O. said...

Don't forget all that beer you had for those midnight snacks. Heh heh heh.