May 27, 2012

Grocery List

When I was in college three things were always on the list for the grocery, which is to say they were never on the list because it was a given that I needed them; pretzels, white minute rice - Uncle Ben's only, and soy sauce.
I was a simple girl. Also, broke.

Now the things that are always on the list these days are drastically different.

Coke - because my husband has a problem.
Bacon - there is not enough bacon in this universe to satisfy these carnivores I live with.
Fruit snacks - not for who you might expect them to be for. Their father!
Veggie straws - all for me, I do not share them. Ever.
Socks - the boys are clinging to their Arkansas heritage not by going barefoot outside but in socks.

I miss the simple days of pretzels for breakfast and rice with soy sauce for lunch and dinner...

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