March 9, 2012

Where Have I Been, You Ask?

Three posts in February? Wow. That might be a new low. Why the lull in blog banter? How do I put this gently? 

*light bulb* No, that sounds mean.

*light bulb* No, that's just not true.

*light bulb* Mean and also not true.

*light bulb* I just didn't want to. That's the truth. Plus it was February and February is dumb for me

If I had written here I would have told you about how one day, without forethought, I went to a salon and got my hair chopped off. The hair I had been growing out for months. Which really only brought it to my shoulders because my hair grows at roughly the rate of a Canadian White Cedar. Happy Valentines Day, dear husband who likes longer hair!

I may also have written about going from a faded brunette to a fiery redhead to goth black with purple chunks in the span of 6 days. SB wisely smiled and said 'looks good, honey'. Each time. Good boy!

I could have written about the temporary insanity that overcame me when I decided to take the Fearsome Foursome to the movie theater to see Beauty and the Beast, Journey 2 The Mysterious Island, Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chipwrecked, and The Lorax. Seriously, even going in fully armed with contraband in the form of snacks and drinks that don't cost $9 per ounce and a healthy dose of my anti-depressant, it's a traumatic experience. However, when Belle and the Beast kiss and all four of the boys cover their eyes and scream "Eeeewwww!!!" at the top of their lungs? That's just funny. 

I should have written about the first time I drove my husband's new truck. How after specific instructions as to how to properly enter the vehicle and stern warnings about making careful turns, etc... he texted me no less than three times asking if the truck (not I, mind you) was okay. I finally responded something like this - Do you want me to answer you or concentrate on driving the truck? I haven't been in the driver's seat since.

So that's where I've been. Here, just not writing. No worries, I continued to rant and rave via Facebook the whole time so those lucky folks got to hear/read it.


Furry Bottoms said...

One of those months, eh? I want to see Journey 2, but I cannot figure out where Journey 1 went. Was there even a part one movie? Why is it called Journey 2? I feel like I missed a huge chunk of life if I don't remember a first Journey movie.

Pardonne Moi said...

I asked teh same question! Apparently there was a Journey to the Center of the Earth in 2008 with Brendan Frasier. Prob why I didn't see it, he's not my fave.

Anonymous said...

Still miss you on here but happy I get to see you on fb. :)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Did you notice my extended absence? Prolly not. No one seems to care. It's really sad. I thought I was the "it" girl. Turns out I'm more like Cousin It.

I have so far taken only one child at a time to the theater. I am afraid. I am a chicken.

Kritta22 said...

I think you were looking for self punishment for the movie thing! Seriously, more than once?!