March 13, 2012

Ask Me Again, I Wish You Would

"What are you gonna do with yourself once Asher goes to Kindergarten in the Fall?"

Here's what I'm gonna start saying... Ya know, rather than grocery shopping or laundry or cleaning house or exercising or volunteering more, all of which I do now with Asher in tow, I think I'm probably gonna nap more. Ya fuckin' jack-wagon!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Exactly.. Omg.. You make me laugh..

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

When my girls started public school after being homeschooled for five years, I always heard, "So, you going to get a *real* job now?" Why, first real job will be hunting you down and pummeling you to death!


Kritta22 said...

Heck yes!!

Besides, what the heck business is it of theirs?? I usually say something sarcastic like plan more beating time or start the adopt out process.

Besides I have two more but Connor is a special kind of energy! Lol

Shan G said...

People have said shit like that to me as well. My daughter is in 1st grade now, but for preschool and kinder she was in school all of THREE HOURS a day. People told me to get a job. My answer? "Who the fuck is going to hire me to work an hour and a half per day? And who's going to pay for the gas, clothes, second car and whatnot I would need to actually have a job outside the home? Unless I'm getting paid $100 and hour, it ain't worth it."

Now that Ro is in school full-time, I get the same thing. My answer is the same. We have ONE car and no daycare. Daycare here is $200+ per week. Plus, there are NO JOBS here to find. The area I live in has the highest regional unemployment rate in the nation.

By the way, why are people so damn stupid? "What are you going to do with yourself?" Uh, do they think all stay at home moms do is sit on the couch watching TV and eating bon-bons?