January 18, 2012

Inny Minny Miney Moe

We bought the Altima in mid-December. It's mid-January, the payment is due in 10 days and we still don't have a statement to pay it. So yesterday I call the bank the dealership financed us through and they have no damn idea who we are - no paperwork, no loan, nada. This morning I call the dealership. Here goes that conversation...

I started out perfectly calm and reasonable. We bought a car last month, financed through XX Bank but they don't have our loan or any paperwork on us. 
Immediately comes the 'tude from Dealership Douche. Who told you you were financed through XX Bank?
And then my 'tude rears it's head. Um, YOU did. Also, the paperwork from YOU says XX Bank.
Dealership Douche adds defensive to the 'tude. Well, we don't benefit from telling you that you're financed through one bank and then financing you through another.
And in my head I'm thinking You're about to be in way over your head, tiger. But instead I say I'm just telling you what we were told and what our paperwork says.
Then Dealership Douche adds to the 'car salesmen are full of shit' stereotype by saying Just because it's on the paperwork doesn't mean anything. We can put anything randomly on that.
After giving him ample time to retract that statement I retort Really. I'm not sure what to do with that information. It's not exactly comforting. Do you think you could tell me who you randomly financed us through so I can make the damn payment?

For crying out loud! I mean this is all well and good for blog material but really... My whole life is a series of shit that happens to most people like twice in their lifetimes.


Niki said...

lol What a moron.

Unknown said...

That's crazy! I once had a car dealer call me several days after a purchase and tell me I paid too little for the car and that the salesman was going to lose his job over the deal. Car dealers bring their bad reputations upon themselves.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Stupid asshat!