January 3, 2012

I Truly Don't Know What I'm Doing

I'm here, I'm moving to a new place, I'm back here, I'm quitting all together... I can't even keep up with myself. All this shit started when I had an attack of "oh shit what if real life people find out about this? This being here, my blog, where I will pretty much say anything regardless of appropriateness. But now it's 2012 and I'm not changing how I write or what I write or where I write. Hell, I have no problem offending people I don't know, why not be fair? 

So now that I said all that, I don't have to move but I still kinda want to. Changes though, yeah, I might need some of those. For instance, I tried no comments. Which at first I was all for because Whew, away with one more way of measuring my bloggy shortcomings. You guys though? You're all WTF, Amanda, why can't I comment? What is this bullshit? And I'm all Oh, NOW you wanna comment, hu? Where were your comments the past few months? You have yet to respond so that ends that convo.

Yeah, I don't know what I'm doing but I'm here now.
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