October 13, 2011

There's Sexist And Then There's What Asher Is

Asher hates girls. That's a fact. A commercial for Barbies comes on TV, Asher mumbles "Me hate girls." His biggest complaint about the preschool he started at this year? Too many girls. His favorite thing about the preschool he's in now? Not so many girls.

When we showed up at his first soccer practice this season he was furious to see girls there. Like wanted to check out, soccer was dead to him, pissed off that there were girls. Then, when he had to play games with girls on his team? That was it. He doesn't go to soccer anymore. So the kid owes me $100 which I will put towards his college tuition because Hello, why do you think I'm trying to get you into this sporty shit other than hoping one will be your ticket to college? Why can't you see the big picture, four year old?

When Asher gets really pissed at me he will mumble to himself about how I don't even have a pen!s as if that is the single explanation for whatever shortcoming I have shown myself to have. He still hasn't gotten over the shock of that discovery and I fear what will happen when he realizes that people with pen!ses only think they rule the world and it's girls who truly hold the power. Probably a lesson for a future time, ya think?


Unknown said...

A contributing factor? Maybe...


Kritta22 said...

You know penis has an i not ! Right?

Okay just checking.

So when you hear him say his mumble about your no penis, do you pee yourself laughing? Cause I just snorted.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Love this post... that poor child is in for a RUDE awakening. PLEASE have a camera ready when it happens. =)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Oh yeah, Kritta22, I'm sure Amanda is just trying to keep the freaks away from her blog. She doesn't want anyone searching for the word pen!s (spelled correctly) to land on her blog. Just so you know, it's a good way to keep weirdos/sickos off your blog if you are talking about normal things - just change one letter so the search engine can't find the "dirty" word they look up.