October 2, 2011

Commercials Are The Devil

Dear Internet TV Episode Commercial Product Company,

Simply because you force me to watch the same commercial for your product four times during each "commercial break" I swear on my laptop, I will not buy your shit. Even if I would have in the past. Even if I have used it for years. EVEN IF you offered to support my blogging habit. Okay, I'd think about it if you offered to support my blogging habit but I'd make you sweat it. 

I watch the damn show online to avoid commercials!


Kritta22 said...

So when do you go private??

Ordie O. said...

Feel ya.

Monster Mom said...

Yep, I am right there with ya sister. I don't know if you get the JG wentworth commercials where you live, but they have the most annoying ones ever. They basically sing opera style for 30 seconds, and repeat their phone number like 10 times. Makes me feel all stabby when I hear it.