September 3, 2011

Little Ol' Ladies Ought Never To Clank

When I was growing up my mother used to try to kill me by making me watch old episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. In black and white - which was the true horror of the situation. I believe I perfected my God given gift of extreme eye-rolling during those half hour torture sessions. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed pissing me off just a tad too much but that's an issue for a therapist.

On a completely unrelated note I probably won't be blogging much because I just started watching The Andy Griffith Show from season 1 on Netflix.

Coming up in season 4 is my favorite episode ever. The one where Ben Weaver suspects a shoplifter is at work in his department store. Barney disguises himself as a mannequin to spy on shoppers and thinks he caught the thief - a little old lady. As usual, he is wrong. Or so it appears. The store owner and Andy apologize to her and send her on her way while Barney fumes very animatedly over it. Just a minute later, outside the store, Andy and Barney stop the lady again only this time Andy makes her open her trench-coat which, as it turns out, is lined with stolen property. When Barney asks him how he knew the old lady had stolen property from the store, Andy replies "Well, when I bumped into her back in the store she clanked and little old ladies ought never to clank." 

Also totally unrelated, my mom's ringtone is The Andy Griffith Show theme-song.
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