September 14, 2011

His Last Name Is What?

Asher has a new best friend at preschool. Why is this little boy so special to Asher? Because his last name is DS. And Aidan hasth a DS, Mama, stho he isth my besth friend!

Me - His name is DS?

Asher - Yesth.

Me - DS? I don't think his name is DS, baby.

Asher - Yesth, it isth. Histh name isth Little Boy DS!

Me - *lightbulb pops up above my head* Oh! I think his name is Little Boy Diaz, not DS.

Asher - Yeah, thatsth what I sthaid, Little Boy DS!

Me - Okay, well I hope you and Little Boy DS are very happy together.


Crystal Renee said...

Aww. Too cute :)

Kritta22 said...

Sign Connor up!