September 27, 2011

Dear CBS and DVR

Oh Em Gee, CBS, football - most especially NFL football - is not, I repeat NOT, important enough to run over into my Sunday evening shows. It's just not so don't start, okay? But just for blogging sake, let's go ahead and pretend it was. My dear DVR service provider, we've had a man on the moon, I would think you should be able to adjust DVR recording capabilities so that I don't sit down to watch The Good Wife only to find 53 minutes of football and just enough of my show to really piss. me. off. Ya know what? I'm done talking to you. I have to go find the episode online and I hate watching tv on the computer. So thanks for that!

1 comment:

Kritta22 said...

Go to your menu button and put your shows on higher priority than said football.... Or in my world, higher than stupid freaking spingebob!!!!