August 20, 2011


Moment of truth, dear readers. What do you think of the new title/tagline and header? Cute? Clever? Delusional? Come on with it!

Yes, you're still at and no, I don't want to talk about why you're not at right now. I think it best to keep the number of times I completely lose my shit over not being in total control of the universe to a minimum. Besides, I have a little boy's birthday party tomorrow that I have yet to buy food, cake, decorations, or gifts for. This is probably a good time for the blog to move to the back burner. Although Asher doesn't even care about this, his 4th birthday, because he firmly believes his life will get infinitely better at 5. I gave up trying to convince him that if he is ready to ride his bike sans training wheels when he is 3 or 4, he can do that. But I'm just the mama, what the hell do I know?
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