August 17, 2011

Live Like The Indians

The boys stayed the night with Kid Sister a few nights ago and when I came to get them they were all shirtless, shoeless, and weilding butter knives. Save your speeches, noone was injured. I was told they were indians hunting a rabbit for dinner. They had a trap set up - a green onion tied to the end of a broken fishing pole - and were hell bent to catch, kill, and eat a rabbit. I had no fear for the rabbit, come on, the trap was rudimentary at best. I asked if they'd had breakfast and was met with looks of pure disgust and asked in a tone which inferred that I was a complete idiot if I thought indians ate cereal. Before I could answer Aidan says No, mom, indians do. not. eat. cereal. *eyeroll* Yeah! *eyerolls all around* countered the other three and they went on their way. Uh, fine by me, smartass, I'll just read my book and not have to prepare four separate breakfast dishes to suit each one of your picky ass eating habits. Gawd, I really HATE that. Jerks.

Within the hour I had made a bowl of Fruit Loops, peanut butter toast, and scrambled eggs for the weakest of them of them but Aidan was holding out, determined to truly live the way of the indian. He'd pop in every once in a while to make sure I knew how hungry he was but that he was under NO circumstances going to eat anything other than rabbit.

That sure looks good, Mama, my tummy is hungry! But indians don't eat peanut butter toast.

Mom, do indians drink Diet Coke?
Me - I don't know, son.
Probably not. Hmph!

Hey mom, I wonder if indians had pretzels if they would have eated them. Naw, probably not.

Finally after a grueling ninety minutes he comes inside I'm pretty sure indians would have eated cereal if they had some. Cereal is just as healthy as rabbit I bet, hu, Mama?
Me - Uh, Fruit Loops is not as healthy as rabbit but I think scrambled eggs are.
Ok, Mama, I'll have Fruit Loops and scrambled eggs!


Unknown said...

What a sell out! LOL

It's super awesome being the fun Aunt!

Sara said...

Ha! That's awesome. Love that he gave you updates about how hungry he was and then figured Indians would have eaten cereal after all. :)

Ordie O. said...

Aw! They're really kids, aren't they? That's how I spent my childhood only I ate the cereal. No Fruit Loops in your Grandma's house, though. Just cheap, healthy stuff. Then again, there was the pink cereal, Pink Panther something or other.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Man, I just love Aidan!