August 9, 2011

Is he a 14 yr old girl or a 7 yr old boy?

Sweet Baby Jesus, I wish uniforms were required for school. I'm telling you the fight over what Aidan will and will not wear to school is on par with ... uh... something really difficult, okay? It requires guerilla warfare tactics and even then, I lose. 

These days Aidan wears only grey or blue t-shirts and athletic shorts.  No, really, if the shirt isn't blue or grey, it hangs in his closet, untouched. Do ya think he'll go for a nice blue or grey polo shirt? Not on your life. Jean shorts? Nope. Khaki shorts? Negative. It's exhausting. What 7 yr old boy gives a shit what he's wearing? This is strictly teenage girl bullshit, I'm not sure how to process this.

We went school clothes shopping this weekend and to say it was the longest few hours of my life is a massive understatement. He now has 7 blue t-shirts, 8 grey t-shirts, 10 pair of athletic shorts - mostly blue and black, a pair of blue and black tennis shoes, a pair of grey tennis shoes, and one blue and black backpack. *shakes head* That boy is going to be the death of me. Or the reason I go to prison. Time will tell.


Kritta22 said...

Oh the things I have to look forward to....3 times!

Ordie O. said...

We'll fix that when he comes to stay with Nana next summer for a week (we'll talk about it later, okay?). I'll have him wearing tie dye. On second thought, it's hard to keep his clothes on him at all, if I recall. Anyway, it hangs in the closet? Really? You don't MAKE him wear it? You're missing all the fun if that's how you're raising your children. You don't know what you're missing not having tearful, knock down, drag out fights first thing in the morning only very, very quickly so you can still get them to school on time, or therabouts. Think about it. Buy some tie dye.