July 13, 2011

Things That Make You Say WTF, Lady!!!!

Today I took the fearsome foursome - Aidan, Asher, Jayden, and Julyan - to the zoo. Alone. I've done this before and survived and I like to live dangerously so I thought, what the hell. Pffft! What the hell is right, mkay? 

First thing we head to the jungle. In there are all these fake vines, some of which drape over the walkways. I knew what was coming so I went ahead and asked an employee if the kids are or are not allowed to climb on, hang from or otherwise molest the vines. The answer? Yep, just don't let them climb out beyond the designated walk-ways, no playing Tarzan, etc... Good deal, hang loose, fellas! Aidan was just ahead of me - as he usually is - and he starts climbing onto a vine. Out of nowhere this woman right in front of him turns around and screams Get off those vines! Right now! and then proceeds to walk back to him and jerk him off of the vine. 

Yes, this bitch not only yelled at my son but put her bat shit crazy hands on him RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! 

As best I can remember, after a split second of stunned stillness brought on by white hot rage, I got to her and pulled her by her shoulder off of Aidan. You better get your damn hands off of my son right this minute. I'll handle the parenting and discipline of my child, thank you. Now I didn't smell anything but I think she may have shit her pants at the sight of me - apparently she wasn't aware that mama bear was nearby. Well! He's not supposed to be on those! she snarled back. I looked around like Are you fucking kidding me right now? Um, actually he is allowed to be on them and even if he wasn't what the hell makes you think it's okay to yell at and grab someone else's child? Continued in my head - Like seriously, I don't know how you were raised, if your parents let random strangers man-handle and discipline you but if you want to get your ass whooped, touch my kid one. more. time.

And I spent the rest of the day seething about it. I mean, what the hell is wrong with people? The thought has crossed my mind to snatch some mean ass kid at the playground up and have words with him/her but damned if I'd ever actually do it. Not unless I wanted to start some serious shit with his/her mother. All I can say is...WTF, lady???
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