July 28, 2011

I Almost Forgot How To Blog

Stuff is happening though. I'll start catching up a little at a time.

Let's see... Okay, I'll start here - Aidan lost his first tooth just before his 7th birthday. He'd been mad as hell that he hadn't lost a tooth yet and when this one finally got loose, it hung on - or is it hanged on??? for weeks leading to him begging me to tie string to it and a doorknob and slam the door! I refused, he fumed and furiously wiggled the thing 24/7 until it FINALLY came out in his cereal one morning. I've never been so happy to see a tooth fall out in all my life.

More to come soon!


Unknown said...


I have never seen "hanged" used in any other scenario than someone was hanged... so I think he hung onto his tooth is safe. ;) Really though, those types of grammatical distinctions are more of a stylistic preference than any sort of hard and fast rule. Kind of like sneaked and snuck, it's purely personal preference... but your choice is telling :P j/k


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Okay, explain...what is a PR 3 to a PR 2??? I don't get it lol. And I do blame it on summer. I haven't blogged a whole load lately either. But, as you see, I am still here reading you :).

Pardonne Moi said...

@TX Zombie - PR is Page Rank and the Google Gods control it. Just means how popular your page is - most ad space rates are based on PR. Whatev - like I make any $ doing this anyway, PR 3 or not. By the way, I heart you for still reading.

Ordie O. said...

I thought he told me it popped out when Julyan or was it Jayden hit him in the mouth. I distinctly remember because they were so impressed with the presentation. Did I dream that?