June 14, 2011

People Are Stupid

Yes, stupid. As often as I jump on the kids for saying 'stupid', I am perfectly comfortable saying the person who said this is, well, stupid.

I've mentioned before that our fine city is bracing for some massive flooding. It's all anyone can talk about. Last night at Aidan's teeball game - I will get around to posting those pics and videos at some point, scout's honor - people were throwing around facts - and I use the term 'facts' loosely - about the flooding. 

Insert quote-y fingers here - "The government is saying this is going to be the biggest man-made, natural disaster in U.S. history."

Oh, really? Really? Man-made natural disaster? Do you hear the idiocy in that term? Yeah, you're probably right since I'm not aware of any of any other man-made, natural disasters, this will probably be the biggest one ever, you dumbass!
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