June 22, 2011

Gawd, Brody, Must You???

I've come to realize that Brody is kind of an asshole. I mean, pulling a Mike Tyson on Roscoe was one thing but as of today he's on a whole new level of asshole-ness.  He has now peed on all of the dogs within three blocks of our house. 

Oh yes, he pisses on them. And he lures them in to take his aim. If the dog doesn't run to the fence when we walk by, Brody will stop and bark until they do. Then, once they're within range, he literally turns up his nose, turns his head away and then raises that leg. And he's got deadly aim. I shudder to think of how our neighbor dogs smell after a Brody encounter. What a jerk!


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

If dogs could talk, Brody: Who's my bitch?

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I actually think that's kind of funny. One of our Yorkies does that to a Yorkie down the street. Mumbo (ours) is 11 pounds - yeah, I know a beast - and Brownie, who lives down the street weighs about 7 pounds and is SO annoying, he barks ALL the time. Whenever we walk by Brownie's house he starts to bark like, "What the hell are you doing around here?" Then Mumbo will go over to the fence being all sweet to play with Brownie and promptly pee on him. HaHa