June 20, 2011

Chewing the Fat

Aidan is not unlike me in an anti-anorexic way - he has love handles. They're kinda cute actually. So one day they boys are down stairs and Aidan starts wailing and he comes up squalling about Asher hitting him. I asked Asher where he hit him because Aidan was unable to articulate that part. Asher's answer? "I hit him on that fat part of his back!"


Which reminds me of one day when Asher said something about Aidan being fat and Aidan says to me "You know, Mama, someone must have heard Asher say I was fat cuz someone on the bus said it, too." As if the only way they would have come up with that was to overhear Asher say it. That made me feel two very distinct emotions - First, ooey gooey mom love - Aw, sweet Aidan, I love you my sweet sweet boy! and Second, red hot anger - Which little bastard called you fat cuz I'm gonna beat his skinny little ass! The first brat who makes him cry with a remark like that will find him/herself with one pissed off mama bear on their ass. He might make me wish I was dead sixteen times a day but nobody better hurt him, by God!
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