May 9, 2011

This Is Some BS

Dear Mother Nature,

I believe you delivered some weather here in Iowa that you meant for the freakin' JUNGLE and I'd like to request that you come back and take it away! Yes, I'm referring to the 300% humidity. I mean, really, are you kidding me? Don't start being a bitch already. I've seen the projected 95 degree temperatures for later this week. That's not funny, it's MAY! 

Just so you know, I will periodically be bitching about the weather from now until roughly September. Take it up with the Skinny Bitch because if it weren't for this running nonsense, I'd just stay inside with the air conditioner set on 68 degrees for the next 5 months, there'd be no issue. During the summer months I am perpetually pissed off. Nothing to be done about it. I hate the heat, hate the humidity, hate hate hate being hot and sweaty... it's just a miserable time of year for me. Sucks to be around me June-September.

Sick of the Damn Heat and Humidity Already
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