May 29, 2011

On Raising a Sexist

Oh yeah, I'm talking about Asher. You remember when he realized I do not have a pen!s and therefore concluded that that fact rendered me useless to him. I take that back, I was allowed to keep wiping his butt. That I could do pen!s-less. Pig.

Asher's been in going to a soccer camp every weekend since April, which he loves. 

Loved. He loved it at first. 

Now? He pretty much refuses to play. 

And why? Because his soccer coach is a woman. See, the first time her husband was there helping and Asher stuck with him the whole time. The last few times he hasn't been there so Asher's out. He says he only likes 'daddy coaches' because mommies are not coaches.

Where'd he come up with that shit? Pig.
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