May 18, 2011

I Will Take An Old Lady Down

I run along a bike/walking path, trail, whatever you want to call it. It's paved so maybe that renders it not a trail since I think of trails as dirt paths through the woods??? Whatever, that's not the point. People walk, run, ride bikes, walk dogs... I even saw a man roll a shopping cart along there once... I digress. Again. I'm trying to say that a lot of people use the path and I manage to peacefully share it with all of them. Save one. One wretched old lady. The damn path is 8 feet wide - plenty of room to pass me, the old lady obscenities aren't necessary. Clarification: 'old lady obscenities' is shit like 'move outta the stinkin' way there!' or 'oh for 'crimmeny sake, watch out!'. Seriously, she's wretched! And I've about had enough. You may look like Betty White but you've got all the charm of Hannibal Lecter and I've got a broom handle for your bicycle spokes next time, old lady!
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