May 3, 2011

Evolution of Fear

Having spent many hours gawking open mouthed at the videos and photos of the tornado destruction in the south, I'm feeling...scared today. 

I lived many a Spring in southern Arkansas being drug into the bathroom by my mother every time the sky darkened ominously, my eyes in a perpetual state of rolling back into my head like any good preteen/teenage kid. I thought she was ridiculous. Even when a tornado did actually develop and our town was damaged in the 90's, I failed to gain that healthy respect, read: fear, of tornadoes. 

Then April 9, 2009 came along and my hometown was absolutely ripped apart by a tornado. My folks' house, hundreds of other homes and businesses were destroyed - not to mention the three lives lost that night. That was the first time I felt scared of a tornado. Yet even that fear was sort of a That was terrible! But that was our hit, what are the chances it will happen again? That is to say, the fear passed.

And then last week 345 people (at last count) are wiped off the planet by tornadoes. Three hundred forty-five people. Numbers like that don't happen in the US. Not with Doppler and advanced warning systems. I almost can't fathom it. You can bet your sweet ass I've got that fear now. So should the rest of you. If you are lucky enough not to be plucking your family photos out of trees 3 miles from the rubble of your home today, go here and give a little something to help those that are.
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