April 15, 2011

You Need Documentation?

Dear Flexible Spending Debit Card Nazis,

I need some clarification on exactly why you need documentation to approve certain purchases with our Flexible Spending Debit Card. What is it that you imagine we might be paying for at a hospital besides health-care related services? Do you think we're trying to do our summer clothes shopping at the gift shop? And Pearle Vision? What contraband might we be procuring from the damn eye doctor? Yet we can throw down $180 at a Walgreen's where we could be buying anything from lip gloss to milk and no questions asked? I'm damn sick of digging out statements and receipts and scanning and emailing and faxing you guys shit to explain transactions that are pretty self explanatory. Get off my ass before I fire off a smart ass email and get my husband in trouble at work.

Short Fused Flex Client


Lorie Shewbridge said...

Damn, I hate when shit like that happens. I get stuff that askes me about my "accident" every time I have some kind of test/procedure for my spine. Even though they know I never had an accident. Stupid people.

Opto-Mom said...

Make a fake hospital receipt detailing what all you purchased there. You could have lots of fun with it!

Some examples:
-12 boxes of latex gloves
-1 defibrillator
-2 portable x-ray machines
-8 feet of rubber tubing
-2500 syringes
-8 pairs of those weird panties they make you wear after giving birth

Then tell them that all of these items are related to your sex therapy....