April 5, 2011

To Ask Or Not To Ask

I was still working at parole when I got pregnant with Aidan. When I began to show I would see the parolees looking at my pooch but most were smart enough, or too scared, to ask. Except one guy. He kept glancing down and starting to ask but stopping himself. I guess the urge for small talk overrode his hesitation and soon he took the chance.

Officer Amanda? (they didn't call me Amanda but for blog purposes let's go with that...)


When.. um, are you.. due?

*evil thought enters my mind* What?!?! Due? What the hell are you asking me?

Oh shit, I'm sorry Mrs Amanda, um, oh God, I knew I shouldn't have said anything! Shit! I'm...

*smirk* Just kiddin', due in August.

Jeee-susss Christ, Mrs Amanda! You scared the SHIT outta me! You wrong for that Officer Amanda!

I don't know what he was so scared of, it wasn't like we could actually put them in jail - not locally anyway. But that's a rant for another blog post.


Unknown said...

I hesitate to ask others that I *think* are pregnant...I would die if someone asked me and I wasn't...so yeah...I see the hesitation.

MemyselfandMommy said...

I'm about halfway through my second pregnancy, and when people ask me "Are you pregnant?" type questions I really want to respond with "Are you calling me fat?" just to see the look on their faces.

~ Renee @ MeMyselfandMommy.com

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

I'm hardly showing and can't wait to have the big belly. I got hit on in the parking lot yesterday and had to tell him I was preggo and he looked me up and down like I was lying to him. SOB.

Anonymous said...


Lorie Shewbridge said...

That's always the best thing to do when someone asks.
I used to do that when I was working, too. People would say in this sweet little voice, "Oh, when are you do?" Then they would try to TOUCH MY BELLY (hate that!!!!). So I would look them in the eye and say, "Due for what?" with a really stupid look on my face like I had no clue what they could possibly talking about.
I have the same evil mind as you. HeHeHeHeHeHe!

Anonymous said...

Omg.. I totally used to fuck with people when I was pregnant and they would ask me when I was due.. In a real bitchy tone - I know, so unlike me - I'd answer them, "I'm not pregnant!" The look on their face was priceless!!