April 27, 2011

This Is Brody's World

We're just living in it.

Brody enjoys a luxury no other dog of ours enjoyed - he lays on the couch. All over the couch. Cuz he's a big boy. And he doesn't just lay there, he cuddles. But first he repositions you to suit him and what suits him is the more of his body he can get onto your lap, the better. 92.5 pounds of lap dog.

I've learned that one of his skills is covert counter cruising - the other day he snatched a pork chop I had thawing on the bar counter. Silly me, I forget he's part horse so we need to thaw stuff on top of the fridge to keep it safe. Instead of getting angry I marveled at his stealth - he never made a sound save the final crunch of the bone. There's something to be said for that!

You should have seen the doofus dance with his reflection and then growl and bark at himself. At one point he actually jumped up on the counter. That's a big son of a B on that little counter!

When we take Aidan to school or pick him up from the bus stop, Brody sits in the front seat. Sometimes he'll sit in the middle seats with the boys but he scoffs and I swear I hear him say  Uh no, that doesn't really work for me when I dare suggest he sit in the very back where there is a sheet laid down especially for him. What was I thinking?

I don't think I mentioned that while he was on the lam, Brody apparently tangled with a skunk. Two weeks, a bottle of stink removing spray and an ENTIRE bottle of Skunk Off Shampoo and he's finally fresh as a daisy. Yes, I loved him even when he smelled skunky. 

A couple of times when he's not my fave? When he pisses on the back of our couch he's only still living because it's leather and we got to it right away. Also, when he craps fire-logs on the carpet. No, for real, big boy = big poo. All of these indiscretions occurred downstairs where the boys live. By virtue of being where the boys live, a plethora of phantom smells emanates from down there already, we could do without Brody to adding to it.

So that's how it's going with Blockhead. He's got quite a personality and adds an interesting dynamic to the house. I suspect that soon he'll have his very own Legendary BS series just like Aidan and Asher.
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