April 18, 2011

Musical Monday - Mumford and Sons

Dude, the Skinny Bitch snagged us tickets to see Mumford and Sons here in Council Bluffs in June!!! I can hardly stand myself I am so damn excited! I fell in love with The Cave and now I can't get enough of  Little Lion Man,
I'm officially a Mumford and Sons groupie.


JenFisher said...

"Winter Winds" and "White Blank Page" are also totally awesome.

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

This is my first time hearing of them. I listened to the entire video and now I'm going to go search them up on youtube. They are awesome and thank you for sharing :D

Erin said...

I've been hearing their songs a lot on the radio lately. I posted my own Musical Monday on my tumblr (boringdailymusings.tumblr.com) with a shout out to your blog.

PBJdreamer said...

they are awesome aren't they?

I know you will have a great time!

I did not know you were in Council Bluffs??

I am in Kansas City.

Small world

that is all

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I don't know if it was on your blog or another if I heard these guys the first time, but they are AWESOME!!
I'm happy that you get to go see them. ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

I love them and I love this song! I love this song so, so much.