April 13, 2011

Meet Brody Blockhead

Last Monday I innocently go down to the county shelter to fill out paperwork to volunteer and wound up with visions of a young female black lab named Belle dancing in my head. I'm notorious for snap decision making - the repercussions of which are epic but never-mind all that, I informed Mr about his future dog right away. He scoffed and inquired about another dog there we had seen on Petfinder - Bear. They told me that Bear was real sweet but very big and kinda rowdy and besides, he was male and we wanted a female and I only had eyes for Belle. On Wednesday I brought Aidan to the shelter and we took Belle out to play with her. I'll never admit it out loud but I had a couple flashes of "eh, something isn't so perfect anymore" that day but I'm nothing if not persistent so on Friday Mr took off work and we went to introduce him to his new dog. 

He wasn't impressed and I wasn't her advocate anymore so we decided to check out Bear just to see how he 'felt'. And he basically chose us. I think I heard him say Look deeply into my eyes, you love me, you want to adopt me... We picked him up Saturday afternoon and he's curled up on the couch next to me as I type this. 

Oh yes, he's on the couch. An arrangement Mr is not thrilled about but is putting up with for me. We have renamed him Brody since he was only Bear for the couple of weeks he was at the shelter and he even has a nickname - Blockhead - via the my husband. He's a lot of what we said we didn't want - older than 2, male, and lab - and yet, he's perfect.

So say hello to Brody, all 92.5 pounds of him. This time I'm SURE he's a keeper.

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