April 26, 2011

Deny Deny Deny

I pulled a lot of shit when I was a teenager. A lot. And I was good at it because I didn't get caught.

Okay, one time I got caught. Funny story...
My high school was a closed campus - as in we weren't allowed to leave school grounds for lunch. So naturally my friends and I took off every day for lunch. One day I was roaming the halls during the class right after lunch when the assistant principal called me over.

Jones (let's assume my last name was Jones back then) did you leave campus for lunch today?

Leave? No, sir, I ate stromboli with everyone else. *Note, I always knew the menu in case of a closed campus infraction sting such as this.

Really.  Stromboli? I don't recall seeing you at lunch. Are you sure?

Yep. Ham Stromboli.

Hmmm... Walk with me, Jones. 

*We head toward the cafeteria which overlooks the parking lot*

Jones, are you absolutely sure you ate lunch here at school today? Because I have a feeling you went to Sonic.

In my head How in the sam hell does he know that?!?!  Out loud Pretty sure, sir.

Hmmm... Take a look at your car, Jones.

I turn to see my car in the front row with a bright red Sonic tray rolled up in the window.

Oh. That. Maybe I did have Sonic after all.

After a good chuckle Go back to class, Jones, and return the tray after school.

That was it, he never mentioned it again. I like to think he let me off because he admired my spunk but it was more likely he just didn't want to do the paperwork to formally punish me.  And that was fine with me.


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

My lies were never that good and yet I somehow got away with much more than I should have.

Unknown said...

buahahah. mental note for next time, i'm sure..."remove sonic tray from window"


SpiritWings said...

That is great!!! LOLOLOL
I was way to afraid of getting caught by my mom!!!
Thanks for sharring!

Michelle said...

Hilarious! Sucks to get caught!

Ordie O. said...

You're no better liar than your sister, it seems!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I never tried to get away with anything like that during school except for the last day. I went in late because I went to breakfast and went bowling with two of my friends.
I did get caught by my physics teacher, but he didn't care because it was the last day and I was his favorite student and had an A in his class.