March 3, 2011

You Say Tomato...

Disclaimer: This isn't about tomatoes, it's about the dread-mill. 

See, I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill.  I love it because when it WON'T STOP SNOWING here in the fucking Tundra that I live in I can still get my run in. On the other hand , I loathe the thing because 3 miles on that bastard feels like 30 miles outside. I'm a lot of things, prone to gross exaggeration is not one of them.

Okay, prone to gross exaggeration is like one of the top 5 things I am but that's neither here nor there, mkay? The point is no matter how fast I go on that damn hamster wheel, it takes  f o r e v e r  to get any distance in. I'd rather be water-boarded.

See, not exaggerating at all.

That's not why I started this. I wanted to tell you that Asher calls the treadmill my Training Wheel. I affectionately call it Instrument of Lucifer.
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