March 21, 2011

Where Have I Been, You Ask?

Gawd, I feel like I haven't blogged in... well, 5 days. What? 5 days is a big blog deal.

I just wasted several minutes repeating big blog deal over and over - it's a bit of a tongue twister. Maybe I should buy that .com domain. Hmmm...

Anywhoooo, much has happened since we last conversed.

Millie went back where she came from. Yes, I'm an asshole. But after all the shitting in the house, running away, growling at Aidan, digging in the yard, getting attacked by the neighbor horse dog, and just being kind of pathetically sad - it was the right decision. You should have seen her literally smiling when she went back to her people. I hope they decide to keep her because she LOVES them! We need some more time before we're ready to let another dog take Lexi's place.

My mom came to visit so the boys had someone to show their asses for. And show their asses they did - which was uber-annoying considering they were both hacking up a lung and sounded like they should have been bed ridden, read: quiet.

On Saturday evening my mom, my aunt, my grandma, and I went to hear Jane Goodall lecture at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. That was cool! I left feeling like a useless turd but it was cool none-the-less. I mean I think we're all useless turds compared to Jane freakin' Goodall.

It's upgrade/renew or switch cell carriers time for us. My Blackberry Curve is my BFF but it's old and the scroll ball falls out all the damn time and the space bar rarely works so I end up sending texts that look like this


It's fucking irritating for both parties. So I decided to get a newer Blackberry Curve because I truly love mine minus the broken scroll ball and space bar. The 9330 came and within four hours I had it packaged back up and a UPS pick up scheduled for the next morning. Fuck the 9330! Now I'm asking myself, Self, should you get a Droid? I don't know. Blackberry Bold or Motorolla Milestone? Skinny Bitch told me to get with the times and go Droid. I pretty much copy everything she does, why not this? He wants a Droid and the Milestone is buy one get one free soooo, I think I'm getting a Droid. Should I go Droid?

In Can You Believe Amanda Is Still Running? news, I have surpassed 100 miles in 2011. In Look How Very Bookish Amanda Is! news, I'm on book #15 in 2011. Why yes, I am bragging a bit. It's MY blog. See how that works?
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