March 31, 2011

So Much WTF

Why do my kids insist on talking to me constantly when I have earbuds in, very obviously ignoring them? And they don't just talk, they're asking me questions. It baffles my mind - like when the dentist asks you shit after he wedges your jaw open with a foam block. WTF?

I'm wearing glasses this week because I have pink eye. Why is it so damn hard to get the lenses clean? No matter what material I use, how long, how hard or how soft I rub there is perpetually a greasy, blurry spot smack dab in my line of vision.WTF?

Speaking of pink eye - Dr said I got it from a sinus infection. I think I got it from these two little germ sponges I call my children. Sore throat, cough, runny nose, ear aches... Aidan had it all of about a day and a half because he's too damn mean for it to stick around. Asher hung on to it a few days and milked it for all it was worth. The Mr got only a bit of sore throat and coughing. He got pink eye too but don't try to tell him that *eyeroll*. Me? I'm down a lung, my nostrils are red and chapped from blowing my nose, and there have been moments when I was certain that the front of my face/head was going to explode outward. And this is going on Day 7 for me. WTF?

Aidan is almost done with indoor soccer. Baseball is next. Only I made the mistake of saying 'teeball' so he didn't want to play because he wants to play baseball. No amount of explaining the reality that teeball IS baseball penetrated his thick skull and I was having a hard time giving a damn if he plays or not. A day later he comes to me and asks if he can play teeball - like he just came up with it and the previously mentioned tantrum over teeball vs baseball never happened. WTF?

I am accompanying Aidan's class to the zoo on Friday. No, I'm not sure WTF I was thinking. Bet I get a blog post or two out of it though. That is if I don't feed myself to the sharks to escape the hell that a group of 258 kids at the zoo will surely be.
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