March 15, 2011

Reality Stars Are Just Like Us!

Ok, I've said this before but I think I'm really done blogging about the Bachelor(ette). Only this time I think I'm for real. And here's why... shit got too real last night. I don't watch reality TV to see real life, mkay? I mean if a Bachelor relationship is gonna go down in flames, let's do it Jake/Vienna style, shall we? I want to see a knock down, drag out, snot and insult slinging, storming off the stage, battle royale. What happened last night with Emily and Brad? Bummer. Kind of like too much month at the end of the money, usual marriage and life bummer. I don't need that on my reality TV.

So, to recap - I spent all season thinking Brad picked Chantal (and he totally should have), then he picked Emily and proposed beautifully and perfectly, and BAM! Brad and Emily come back beat down by real life but trying to pretend they might still make it. Also, I hear Ashley H is the new Bachelorette and I just can't make myself care about her.
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