March 24, 2011

I'm Not Strong Enough

That's it. I'm going to have to unsubscribe, unfollow, and/or unlike these animal rescue sites, pages, and newsletters. I don't have enough money to help them all. I don't have enough time to spend crying over the To Be Euthanized Tonight and Gone But Not Forgotten photo albums. This may surprise you but I don't even have sufficient anger for all the wretched mother fuckers who do awful things to these dogs. I can't take it. I just spent an hour scrolling through pages and PAGES and  P A G E S  of these sweet dogs wagging their tails in some shitty shelter, grateful for the food they're getting, soaking up what affection they can get from volunteers and staff only to get the proverbial needle in the arm. And that's if they're "lucky" - I can't even think about the ones who end up in some rural 'humane society' where Backwoods Bubba decided bullets are cheaper than the proper euthanasia drug cocktail. It all just makes me sick and  sad and helpless and angry and just... *shakes head slowly*.  There is a handy dandy donate button for the ASPCA over on my sidebar, click it and give. Or donate to your local shelter. Every little bit helps.

I've often said that I donate to animal charities because I just don't give much of a shit about my fellow man. It's true. But I'll get all up in arms over an animal. I remember a guy I had on parole way back when - you know, before I knew all the words to the Phineas and Ferb title sequence. I had met with him a couple times before, he was doing well - paying his fees, had a job, wasn't a piece of shit sex offender - in fact I remember mentally putting him on the I Wouldn't Totally Freak Out To Run Into Him At My Neighborhood Grocery Store. Then I saw two animal cruelty charges on his record - misdemeanor charges being in backward ass No Felony Charges For Animal Cruelty No Matter How Terrible The Cruelty Arkansas (the laws have since changed, thank you Governor Beebe). Gone was said parolee's laid back, not totally up your ass parole officer he met with before. He was on my shit list and he quickly found that out, he just didn't know why. I treated him to more than his fair share of random drug testing, checked up on him at his job, made multiple home visits and searched everything... I was itching for him to screw up so I could nail his ass to the wall. Lucky for him he never did and eventually got off paper. On his last visit I told him why I had ridden his ass so hard. He looked relieved which led me to believe he had thought I was onto him for some other shit he pulled that I never caught him at.

So, that's just an example of how I was able to use the little bit of power I wielded in that job to even up a score. Best damn job I ever had! Yeah yeah, aside from my job as a mother, yada yada yada, blah blah blah. I traded supervising felons for raising them - my little contribution to society. Bwahahahaha!! 

I should maybe write more about my parole days - a guy once swung his prosthetic leg at me, that was fun. Look for more in the In Another Life series!
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