March 7, 2011

You Try To Title This Post

I was going to go into an all out rant about the headline Bieber's Hair Clippings Sell For More Than 40K but then I read that the proceeds were donated to The Gentle Barn and I got all teary eyed. Such a girl!

It seems I got punked about the ending of The Bachelor this season. Because Reality Steve got punked. Maybe Brad was into Ricki Tik after-all. Whatev.

So so so much I want to say about Charlie Sheen but I'll just sum it up by saying I'm thinking of opening up a new Twitter account just to follow his crazy fucking tweets. I imagine they're epic.

Yes, there's a pop up ad on Martians. It will only come up once for each visitor and there's an X for it. You can just close it. Or, you know, click the ad and let me make six cents. Wouldn't kill ya....
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