March 7, 2011

You Try To Title This Post

I was going to go into an all out rant about the headline Bieber's Hair Clippings Sell For More Than 40K but then I read that the proceeds were donated to The Gentle Barn and I got all teary eyed. Such a girl!

It seems I got punked about the ending of The Bachelor this season. Because Reality Steve got punked. Maybe Brad was into Ricki Tik after-all. Whatev.

So so so much I want to say about Charlie Sheen but I'll just sum it up by saying I'm thinking of opening up a new Twitter account just to follow his crazy fucking tweets. I imagine they're epic.

Yes, there's a pop up ad on Martians. It will only come up once for each visitor and there's an X for it. You can just close it. Or, you know, click the ad and let me make six cents. Wouldn't kill ya....


Ian said...

No problem about the ad. Seems like my ad blocker is working quite nicely. Also nice to see you on the twat. Enjoy your stay.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

You totally crack me up about the Bieber stuff, I didn't even know he got his hair cut - don't really care about him.
The only two things I care LESS about are: The Bachelor and Charlie Sheen... HaHa
I will however make you 6 cents next time the ad banner comes up, I didn't know you made money off of it, I always just close it, it's never bothered me, but now... I'll get you a sip of coffee! WooHoo!!