March 26, 2011

I Met The Dog I Don't Want

Today was my first day volunteering at the local animal shelter. We took several dogs and cats over to PetSmart to try to get them adopted by guilt tripping unsuspecting shoppers with the poor little guys. I had Marley, a 2 1/2 year old male Cocker Spaniel. I was strongly warned that he can't be around ANY children. He's got some issues with kids. So do I, Marley, so do I. With two little boys in particular. Also he's been kicked out of three grooming salons because he bites the groomer so he looks a bit like a wild child anyway. So Fabulous, I've got the bastard of the bunch, I thought as I gathered his stuff up for the trip to the store.

It was snowing/raining so the ground was wet and muddy and Marley stomps through the puddles like a toddler right before I lift his wet ass up into the back of the Jeep. I can't bring myself to discuss the mess back there yet. The smell, however... Ew. 'Nuff said.

At PetSmart we walk in the door and immediately two kids descend upon Marley because he doesn't look like the child killer he is rumored to be. So I have to yank Marley back and simultaneously break the little kid's heart by telling him he can't pet the dog. This scene repeats itself over and over AND OVER for the next 3 hours. Pepper in ten or so trips outside into the blowing snow and rain for bathroom breaks only to have Marley come back into the store and shit and piss in the aisle and there you have my Saturday afternoon. 

Marley came back to the shelter with me. Duh. 

Obviously Marley and Me get it, Marley & Me, like the book and movie? aren't a match made in heaven but he is a sweet dog and I hope he'll find the perfect people and home. A home where children are unwelcome. Like my house will be once the boys age out.

I will be doing the PetSmart adoption fair again and the kids and I are going to be volunteering to walk and play with the dogs at the shelter as soon as we've had an orientation. Yeah, to teach us how to walk and play with dogs. Oookaaayyyy... I guess I figure since we clearly don't know what kind of dog we want and aren't really ready for one just yet we can at least help out a little.


Unknown said...

ha, this is funny...from the outside... lol

Along These Lines ... said...

Don't tell me, your next blog site will be called: "My Dog Might Be From Pluto" :)

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Aw, he sounds like my kind of mutt.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Poor Marley... I think you are wonderful to do what you are doing and to get the boys to help you out.
Underneath your rough exterior, you are a real sweetheart. Shhhh, I won't tell anyone. =)