March 6, 2011

I Just Want To Adopt A Dog!

Look, I get that rescues and shelters need to screen potential dog owners BUT... I'm pretty sure we could adopt a baby boy from Russia easier than we can get a meet and greet with a rescue dog around here. 

Also, $300 for an adult mixed breed with health problems? A three page application? Home visit? Cavity search? Then you're going to treat us like you're the fucking parole board granting us permission to think about your rescue dog? And you wonder why people buy puppies from puppy-mills and pet stores.

Why don't you ease up and consider for just a moment that we might just be a family looking for a dog. That we won't be using the dog for target practice or force feeding it antifreeze. Maybe, just maybe, we've given this some thought and might even be prepared for a dog. Miracles do occur!
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