March 6, 2011

I Just Want To Adopt A Dog!

Look, I get that rescues and shelters need to screen potential dog owners BUT... I'm pretty sure we could adopt a baby boy from Russia easier than we can get a meet and greet with a rescue dog around here. 

Also, $300 for an adult mixed breed with health problems? A three page application? Home visit? Cavity search? Then you're going to treat us like you're the fucking parole board granting us permission to think about your rescue dog? And you wonder why people buy puppies from puppy-mills and pet stores.

Why don't you ease up and consider for just a moment that we might just be a family looking for a dog. That we won't be using the dog for target practice or force feeding it antifreeze. Maybe, just maybe, we've given this some thought and might even be prepared for a dog. Miracles do occur!


Ms. G said...

The whole system is crazy. My daughter took on a dog that was found on th side of the road. It was obvious he had been wandering a long time but was not feral. She paid to get him healthy and neutered but couldn't find him a home and already has 3 dogs herself. When she called the local no kill shelter they said they wouldn't take him because she Found him, he wasn't her pet. And even if he was, she had to show proof of where she got him and a history of veterinary records and also Pay a Fee to Leave him there. Wonder why the poor dog was wandering the street to begin with! Only the pound took strays and they don't hold very long before euthanizing. That wasn't an option to her after she spent so much effort getting him healthy. Isn't the whole purpose to find them a home!

I hope you get your dog soon. God knows there are plenty of them waiting for someone to love.

Lady Estrogen said...

Yeah, it is sad; I originally tried that as well but it was easier to go to a breeder. *sigh*
You can have mine, if you like! x

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Wow. We just went to the shelter, looked at the dogs, found one we liked, took her for a "test drive", then took her home. She is a Blue Heeler mix puppy (a year old this month), and it cost us maybe $100. Your shelters are a bit mafia is sounds like!

BTW, I was greeted by a huge pop-up commercial *and* a survey button that followed me around. Meh lol!


Steph said...

Sadly, our experience has been more like yours than Penny's. I get it - they don't want the dog coming back to the shelter, so they need to invest a little effort to make sure prospective families are REALLY into getting a dog.

But honest to God, if I wanted a dog for any purpose other than a FAMILY FRIGGIN' PET, I'd go to a pet store or puppy mill...or hell, our local WalMart on Saturday mornings. So, please assume that if I'm here, at your shelter, I'm not a Satanist looking to move up from roosters and mice in sacrifice, FFS.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I think it changes depending on where you live. I actually did a meet and greet at a Dog Bakery where they were holding an "Adopt-a-Pet" Day and the dog LOVED me and spent over a 1/2 hour with me that day so there was no problem with that aspect. Then they needed my application, but never did a home site because we came in with two healthy dogs. We had our dog the next day.

Ordie O. said...

Why don't ya adopt Jessica's dog. She's a yellow lab and you like those. And she comes with a bonus. No tail whipping the shit out of everyone! What's more, I think you could get her for $150.