March 14, 2011

I Have A 6 Year Old Infant

Oh Em Geeeee, y'all! If Aidan doesn't stop dissolving into tears over the slightest little thing, I'm gonna to call the rescue we got Millie from and see if we can't re-home him.

Fucking hell.

We're having  a n y t h i n g  other than mashed potatoes for dinner? Tears!

He has to wear jeans to school? Tears!

Time for bed? Tears!

Asher looks at him? Tears!

And often in addition to the tears there is a dramatic collapsing onto the floor followed by wailing that will make your ears bleed. He's ridiculous!


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

I thought only girls did that shit. I am so sorry!

Night Owl Mama said...

Well hell girl where's the video? I've stopped the melt down from my 5 yr old by threatening to video tape him and post it on youtube. lol

goood luck

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets out of this phase soon. Sounds miserable for everyone.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

My youngest did that for a while, damn hormones. I couldn't believe it when the pediatrician said that's what it was and then said he would get another surge around 12-14 years old. I thought OMG, I am going to have to kill myself. He wasn't as bad at that age, but his older one was! Maybe you'll luck out with Asher... I'll pray for you! It does eventually end, buy lots of dark chocolate and wine for yourself.

ummmhello said...

Good luck to you both! Lately my 6 year old has been teary and argumentative, and I've started yelling. It sucks for everyone. Hope you both make it through without calling the rescue squad :)