March 8, 2011

Best Women Tell All EVER

Hey girls, way to flip the script. I mean I turned on the TV ready to be blown away by the amount of Michelle-crazy that didn't get shown and I end up blown away by what complete bitches the rest of you are.

Okay, picture this. Two women in a car and in the rear view mirror is a line drawn across the road they just passed. There is a big sign, you know like the ones that announce that you've arrived in Missouri, only this one announces that you've just crossed the Cunt County Line. Stacey is driving and Jackie is in the passenger seat. The mean ass blonde that I never saw before tonight is in the backseat and I'll throw in one or two of the others just to fill up this theoretical car. They all saw the line before they crossed it but they put the pedal to the metal anyway.

That pretty much sums up last nights episode. You really just have to watch it to truly appreciate it. Such wonderful trash TV!


Samantha said...

What little I saw, I was amazed at the way they were acting. They were so mean! I only watched bits and pieces of the show so I didn't know a lot about what was said, but still, its over and done and none of them got picked so why keep pushing buttons?

Lorie Shewbridge said...

So, you gonna swear not to watch again????