February 8, 2011

Why Does My Shrink Hate Me?

You remember, pardon the pun but, the insane time I had getting my appointment for my crazy pills from Dr Crazy last summer, right? Well, somehow he thought I was uncrazy enough to set my next appointment for 6 months out. We made the appointment for mid-February right then and there. 

Now mid-February is approaching and the other day they called to say, you guessed it, He won't be in that day, we need to reschedule. I just laughed. Maniacally. She asked why I was laughing, I said Lady, do you know how many times we rescheduled my first appointment last summer? I am so not surprised to be hearing from you. 

I've been assured that he will be in for my newly scheduled appointment. Place your bets now, ladies and gentlemen.

I told myself, Self, I said (because crazy people address themselves as Self when talking to themselves), if they try to reschedule one more time, you have to find a new shrink, that's it. But I've since decided that maybe I won't get a new shrink and might instead simply start a new category here on the ol' blog titled 'Dr Crazy' because really, it's somewhat entertaining. As long as I have my crazy pills. Otherwise it gets decidedly unfunny.
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