February 10, 2011

Why Did I Want Him To Read Again?

It has come to my attention that there are drawbacks to Aidan learning to read. Like now when I pull up the guide he can read that fucking Dragon Ball Whatever 

or Avatar the arrowhead boy

is on he can read that they are on and I can't get away with the old Sorry, pal, it's not on. Hate that for ya. Let me tell you something, I hate those shows. Hate them. I thought I hated Pink Panther and Doodlebops. I've had a change of heart. I'd rather take in the ass from the Pink Panther than watch Avatar. Yes, I just went there.


Unknown said...

i feel your pain. when mine were little, the rule was "no barney, no teletubbies, no boobah." now that they are older, and have discovered anime bullshit and other worthless drivel that passes for cartoons (seriously?), we finally gave 'em the tv in the family room. now the rule is "none of that tripe on the BIG tv in the living room." i truly believe there is a special place in hell for the writers of that trash.

Ms. G said...

Oh, come on. You know there is nothing more handy than an Air Bender living in your house and who can resist a Flying Bison ; )

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Anal fornication with a pastel colored feline vs. Avatar. Yeah...I have to agree with you there.

Unknown said...

buahahaha. I remember when I would spell out dinner options to the then hubby...and my daughter yelled out what I spelled. It was sooo annoying. lol

Lorie Shewbridge said...

You MUST stop making me laugh... it hurts, you know I'm having trouble breathing.
I do understand... mine used to be Barney and some other freaking show that I have totally blocked out of my mind, THANK GOD!!!