February 15, 2011

New Rules

This will almost certainly be the focus of many a therapy session for Aidan and Asher but I don't give a damn.  I'm gonna catch the blame if they turn out to be serial killers anyway - fuck it.

From now on the boys will be peeing sitting down at home. Unless, of course, they pool their allowance to hire someone to clean the encrusted piss off of the toilet - notably the outside of the toilet, the walls, and the floor -  because I'm no longer available for such bullshit. I may have signed up for changing diapers and cleaning up puke and other such mother shit but the line has been drawn. No more.

Ya know, boys, that thing comes to a bit of a point, it shouldn't be too hard to aim. Plus you two are short so the bowl is literally right there! What is the problem?
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