February 27, 2011

My Son Is Sexist

Asher realized just the other day that I, procurer of his beloved french toast, do not have a pen!s. 

What!?!? Why don't you have a pen!s, Mama? Who broke it off of you? he asked incredulously Everyone has a pen!s. He was thoughtfully quiet a minute before he repeated Me have a pen!s, I thought everyone had a pen!s

Soon it started. Let me wash your hair, Asher I said. No, Mama, you don't have a pen!s, you can't wash it. Throughout the day I was deemed unqualified for tying shoes, changing batteries in a toy, and even nuking a corn-dog. All because I don't have a  p e n i s. He was truly disgusted with me. And when the Mr got home he ratted me out talking about Girls don't have a pen!s, Daddy, no pen!s at all!
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