February 4, 2011

For 2 Hours Each Week I Just Shake My Head In Disbelief

Do you truly know nothing of women? After this week's episode, I'm questioning this.

Taking one girl on a shopping spree and then sending her back to the other dozen girls is akin to dropping her into a pit of hungry piranha. Just mean.

Also, the producers fucked you over with that racing date. Maybe you didn't know Emily's dead fiance was a race car driver but they damn sure did. And he died in a plane crash. You remember that you took her on a plane ride on your last date, right. Maybe you could talk to them about setting you up to look like a jackass.

Michelle has been crazy from day one. She's still crazy. Do you not see? Bring it up with your shrink, he'll tell you I'm right.

Okay, that's all I got. Can't wait till next week!


Anonymous said...

I think the producers on these reality shows are very manipulative. It's good for ratings.

Opto-Mom said...

Yeah, I thought the same thing about the producers and the racing date. I do love me some Emily - what a sweet and classy lady!

Michelle is definitely a crazy biotch! I think Brad should introduce the shrink to the girls as "a good friend" of his so they will act naturally around him. Then he can give Brad an analysis of each of them.

Damn, I should be a producer with these kinds of sneaky ideas! LOL

Kritta22 said...

I totally agree! How freaking horrible of them?! I hope they have to face their fears on national TV. Seriously. Jerks.

I think we should be able to go have a 'chat' with Brad. Screw his Shrink!

Unknown said...

I think Brad is a little clueless, and a bit scary. His face is mostly serious and he hardly even looks happy and content. I do not think he is ready for this.

Michelle isn't crazy, she is a power manipulator. When he questions her behavior she tells him he asked her to do it, and then says they communicated poorly. She puts all her mistakes on him after she tells him what to do. She is transparent to us, but he is keeping her around so he is lost. Maybe they belong together.