February 4, 2011

For 2 Hours Each Week I Just Shake My Head In Disbelief

Do you truly know nothing of women? After this week's episode, I'm questioning this.

Taking one girl on a shopping spree and then sending her back to the other dozen girls is akin to dropping her into a pit of hungry piranha. Just mean.

Also, the producers fucked you over with that racing date. Maybe you didn't know Emily's dead fiance was a race car driver but they damn sure did. And he died in a plane crash. You remember that you took her on a plane ride on your last date, right. Maybe you could talk to them about setting you up to look like a jackass.

Michelle has been crazy from day one. She's still crazy. Do you not see? Bring it up with your shrink, he'll tell you I'm right.

Okay, that's all I got. Can't wait till next week!
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