February 28, 2011

Dumb Fights That Can End Marriages

On this list should definitely be What kind of dog should we get? 

We have begun to think of getting a new dog later this year and we do not even respectfully disagree on what kind.  I want a big, goofy dog and he wants a dog that will make people piss their pants.

My dog
*photo jacked from the internet
His dog
*photo jacked from the internet

So fuck it, there's still plenty of Lexi's hair around, surely we can get her cloned, right? I want her back. Our next dog has big, lazy, indoor girl shoes to fill.
I'm sure our last round with a German Shepherd was a fluke but my heart goes pitter-patter when I see one of those massive fur-ball sheepdogs. I did like that people were scared of Lexi at first sight - right up until she jumped into their laps and licked them. Bad guys don't fancy to tangle with big ass German Shepherds. Who looks and a sheepdog and thinks anything other than *cue squeaky voice* Oh my God, look at you, big ol' sweet boy, betcha wanna treat don't you, honey! Please do not construe this as a point in favor of the Mr and his dog choice because that is NOT how I'm seeing it.

*I should note that any dog we get will be from a rescue or a shelter. And any dog you get should be from a rescue or a shelter as well.*


Stacey said...

Get a Komondor. People will wonder what the hell it is.


PBJdreamer said...

what if you went to the pound and just walked through and see if any of them grab your heart strings?


that is all

Shannon said...

The arguments even get worse when you add 2 kids (and their opinions) into the mix.

When hubby and I first got married, we had a boxer. Hubs would like to have one or two again... or heaven forbid, a bullmastiff. I've always been fond of medium-sized pooches (think basset hounds or cocker spaniels). The girls want a teeny tiny dog, like a Yorkie or Chihuahua.

Lord, help me.

Shannon said...

Oh, and yes for getting a shelter dog.

Our current dog is from a shelter :)

Sara said...

I think you should narrow it down to a few different breeds that fit all of the critera for your family and then walk through the shelter, or look online at the shelter first and if anything catches your eye go take a look. Thats how we got our mutt and she is wonderful. It's good to have narrowed it down somewhat before you go in though so you don't get sucked into the cute little eyes of a mutt that doesn't fit your families needs. Our list was: Must be kid friendly, must be able to go on long hikes, no grooming, etc.... Good luck!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

All our animals have come from the shelter :). Good hunting.

Ashley said...

Don't scare me.. we just got a german shepherd mix. She's up our ass though. Cries when we leave the room. I'm not such which I would prefer. hehe. ;)

SpiritWings said...

Just went through the very same thing!! lololol
I did alot of online searching of different breeds before I settled on one that fit all of our family's needs. Then I got in contact with a rescue group and just became a forever home a few weeks ago to a Golden Retreiver!!
I have always had Dobermans and Pit Bulls as pets so I totally get the "bad guys don't fancy" part. =]
Good luck in your hunt no matter where it takes you! And good for you for adopting!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I think your pick is adorable, but think of all the hair you'd have to clean up... YUK!
I think you should get a little Yorkie or Min-Pin, but I might be JUST a bit partial. TeeHee

LivingDeadNurse said...

sheep dogs are cute...but the carpet of hair they have makes for alot of pet fur and severe maintance. I like the german shepard...they are really sweet dogs. But i am more found of labs