February 28, 2011

Dumb Fights That Can End Marriages

On this list should definitely be What kind of dog should we get? 

We have begun to think of getting a new dog later this year and we do not even respectfully disagree on what kind.  I want a big, goofy dog and he wants a dog that will make people piss their pants.

My dog
*photo jacked from the internet
His dog
*photo jacked from the internet

So fuck it, there's still plenty of Lexi's hair around, surely we can get her cloned, right? I want her back. Our next dog has big, lazy, indoor girl shoes to fill.
I'm sure our last round with a German Shepherd was a fluke but my heart goes pitter-patter when I see one of those massive fur-ball sheepdogs. I did like that people were scared of Lexi at first sight - right up until she jumped into their laps and licked them. Bad guys don't fancy to tangle with big ass German Shepherds. Who looks and a sheepdog and thinks anything other than *cue squeaky voice* Oh my God, look at you, big ol' sweet boy, betcha wanna treat don't you, honey! Please do not construe this as a point in favor of the Mr and his dog choice because that is NOT how I'm seeing it.

*I should note that any dog we get will be from a rescue or a shelter. And any dog you get should be from a rescue or a shelter as well.*
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