February 24, 2011

Donations Welcome

After a lot of thought we've made a tough decision. We can no longer afford to keep Asher. He eats like a convict in from a long day on a prison farm field in the deep south. He weighs 34 pounds for God's sake, where is it all going?  Is it physically possible to actually ingest your weight in food in the course of a day?

You think I'm exaggerating but I knew you'd think that so I took inventory today to prove my point.

Before we even left the house to take Aidan to school he's devoured a piece of cinnamon coffee cake and a rather generous bowl of rice crispies and then he bellows on the way out the door about, and I quote, "starving to death". We get home and he inhales another piece of cinnamon coffee cake, a package of fruit snacks, a chocolate pretzel breakfast bar, and a package of peanut butter crackers. Before the Mr gets home for lunch he has also eaten a banana, 3 mandarin oranges, 2 slices of colby jack cheese, and another package of fruit snacks. For lunch he eats 2 packages of sliced apples and a chicken salad sandwich. Then he takes a nap - or slips into a coma, I can't be sure - only to wake up and eat orange #4 and a plate of cheesy tuna casserole before running outside to play with the neighbor girls who ply him with Goldfish and girl scout cookies. Dinner was chicken enchiladas, tortilla chips, and guacamole followed by half a leftover bacon cheeseburger. Then he wants to know what's for dessert. 

Yeah, you do the math. Be on the lookout for the PayPal Donation button on the sidebar any day now.


Along These Lines ... said...
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Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Holy shit! Does he have a tapeworm or something lol?? If that is him now, I fear for you when he hits teenager-dom!

Ian said...

How old is he? My kid is turning 5 in June and is 32 pounds. At this rate he might be 100 pounds by his wedding.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse!! Just wait until he hits puberty!

Trust me, I have three of them. I know!

MostlyFlumxdArt said...

Yea, I got one of those...she is skinny as a post and eats like a horse. Also, my dad used to call all four kids in the room when I was little and say "Sorry kids, we have fallen on hard times and we are going to have to let one of you go..." My mom would laugh her head off but I think we didn't get the joke. geeneva.blogspot.com

PBJdreamer said...


maybe it's a growth spurt?

better plant a garden. Join a coop and feed that boy LOL

that is all

Unknown said...

Boy needs some protein! Give him a turkey leg with a side of bratwurst for breakfast, that should fill him up, LOL!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I remember my boys going through spurts like that... they would eat everything in site all day long for a couple of weeks and then barely eat anything for the next few months.
Their pediatrician said not to worry if they kept growing and at least ate something from every food group each day.
Here's hoping it's only a growth spirt. Otherwise you are going to go bankrupt! :)

Ordie O. said...

Protein! Make a Walmart bag full of deer jerky and feed that to him. You know, Atkins.

Anonymous said...

I have to gag proteins down my 5 year old's throat or she's snacking all. damn. day.

I force her to have an egg, or peanut butter on her toast, nuts in her oatmeal--just something more than a bowl full of sugary carbs. On days that I let her eat Fruit Loops, she's in my face whining "I'm huuuungry!" at 8:20.